A little bit of story on these action photographs: 
I love action. Action means change, energy, joy, expression, excitement, living life. Dogs or any other living creature in action is a bit of a challenge to capture as it requires some degree of knowing your camera gear, anticipation of movement and quick reflexes while doing the right thing. What else is important is knowing light, what is the source, where you are in relation to it and how to get the best exposure with all the key elements in place. 
The best lens for capturing photos such as this is a zoom lense. Zoom lens, such as the one used here, Nikon 70-200mm, 2.8 VR, allows you to obtain the desired depth of field (simply put, the more you zoom in coupled with the aperture setting being fully opened, the more attractive results you get).  In this case, with the zoom lens and fast shutter speed, you can freeze the movement of the dog and capture some of the snow flying. Recommended shutter speed is at least 1/1000s, but it does not hurt to have it even faster. 
Something that is very important to note is to ensure that with fast moving animals, you need to set your camera to the continuous mode. It allows your focus point to re-focus every second or so to ensure that the eyes of the dog, which was my focus point here, remain sharp.   
Position yourself low and anticipate the direction of movement. Stabilize yourself, don't be shaky and restless. Place  your elbows on the ground, if you need to. Focus on those beautiful eyes and follow them. Fire that camera and have fun! 
Hmmm, can't get enough trouble? Get more labs together! They are hilarious. Check out those happy faces, they are in Heaven!
Farm is a great place to visit. For dogs can be dogs! 

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